"My daughter Brooke and I will never forget the first time we met Will from Triple Threat Hoops. After participating in programs at the Y, etc. we were looking for something more substantial, a program with a professional staff who knew what they were doing and how to train her in basketball correctly and make her better. We found all that and more with Will and his coaches. His caring and professional attitude made my daughter's experience something she still talks about today. With her effort and dedication and his training and positive guidance, she went on to make the high school varsity team in her freshman year, along with her other teammates on the Triple Threat Team. When she was able, she continued to practice with and play on his travel team. She recently wrote a paper in her college class in a psychology class and included her coach, Will, as one of the positive people in her life so far. I completely agree!  His mantra of FAMILY! has stayed with her and she treats her teammates and others with respect...just one of the basketball tenets that Triple Threat Hoops has instilled in her. We will never forget how much the Triple Threat Program helped her! Thank you!!"
-Dawn Amenta

“An exceptional Coach but a better person”, is the phrase I use to describe Will Burr.  My daughter graduated four years ago and she still talks to Will at least twice a month.  Will doesn’t coach to seasons end but rather he gets to know each players strength and weakness and coaches to work on the weakness while exploiting the strength.  Playing for Will isn’t easy but learning always requires work and dedication to do your best!  Will is truly an exceptional Coach that exhibits a concern for all his players."
-Michael L. Anderson

"My family has been associated with Triple Threat Youth Basketball for about 15 years. We first met William Burr when he coached my 2 older sons in basketball.  Because of his knowledge of basketball, William Burr helped both of my son's to improve their games that they both played High School basketball. Will and my oldest son over the years, formed a bond and my son is now coaching High School basketball. One of my children has ADHD and learning difficulties, and Will was able to coach him in a way no one ever has, because of his patience, understanding, and willingness to help kids get better and enjoy playing the game of basketball.  My daughter also plays basketball and has only played and trained with William Burr. Over the years, Will has become a mentor for her and somebody she looks up to. Because of his knowledge and experience of playing basketball and the training and knowledge she received from him when my daughter started High School, she played at the Varsity level for 4 years and led her team in their final year to a Championship. She is now at the next level playing College Basketball. The kids have always been Will's main priority, whether it's teaching them knowledge of basketball, helping to build their self-esteem, or to become responsible for their actions , he has been a great influence and I thank him for that and appreciate everything William Burr and Triple Threat has done. William Burr has not only become a friend to our family, he is part of our family. "                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Dana Rebibo

"I remember specifically a practice where we did ball handling drills up and down the full length of the court for almost an hour. That was the first practice where I truly realized my improvement. I was strong and skilled enough to last the entire set of drills and still be pushing myself competitively on the last one. I owe that feeling of pride, strength, and determination to Coach Will. Coach Will really knows basketball. He knows what makes a team work and what a player can do to improve her game. When I stopped resisting the practices and began trusting Coach Will, I was more competitive and focused and ultimately gained confidence in my game and myself. When I went to practice consistently, I saw a massive improvement in my ball handling, endurance, shooting, free throws, and most importantly defense. I learned all different types of defense that allowed me to transition into each easily during game time."
-Kenna Fallen 

"Coach Will was my coach throughout my four years of high school and was also my club coach for three years. I have learned more from him than any other coach I have ever had. It was an honor playing for him. He focuses so much on all the tiny details that help you improve your game and to this day I am still learning new skills from him. His coaching concept is that your team is your family. On and off the court each of your teammates are your sisters. We all had each other’s backs and that is what helped us be in such sync on the court. He believes in discipline and if you focus on getting better from your mistakes and working hard in practice, it will reflect in your performance in your games. He did not care what the score was at the end of the game, or how many points you scored, all he wanted was his players to give 110% even if you are doing something as simple as shooting free throws. He manages to make the sport fun while also keeping us focused and encourages us to learn from our mistakes. He is one of the best coach’s to prepare you for college because he helps you understand what the college coach’s want to see in players. He would continue to tell us that focusing on defense is what would get us noticed because every college coach loves a good defender. He put emphasis on defense, understanding that not every player is the same and not every player has offensive talent; but he knew that no matter what skill they had, they could play defense and give it their all. However, he not only is a great basketball coach, but an amazing life coach. He incorporates so many things that happen on the basketball court to life situations and helped me become the best person I could be and prepare for the future. You can turn to him for anything, whether it is a basketball issue or a family issue he is always there for you. I love Coach Will!!"
-Gabriella Scudieri 

"When I first came to Triple Threat Hoops, I didn’t know what to expect. There were all sorts of questions running through my head: “What is the coach like?” “What will practices be like?” “Do we have to run a lot?” “Does the coach appreciate defense the way I do?” Sure enough, all those questions were answered immediately the first day of practice. We went hard, played hard. We had a passion for defense like one I have never seen. We knew that defense wins games. We learned that hard work pays off in the long run; talent doesn’t always win the game. I learned that that coach would not only be an amazing coach, but one I could depend on in the future. One who would become more like a friend and a mentor. One who encouraged me no matter what, who believed I could do anything. All a person needs is someone who pushes them past their limit because they see the potential that person has, because they see the heart that person has. It soon struck me that basketball is not just about winning games, scoring points, being in the newspaper, adding another trophy to the stand. It’s about the relationships you make with your team, the bonding you create with the people you are with in the gym. You sweat together, work hard together. Then, there’s coach. Always giving us encouraging words, always telling us the absolute truth, no “sugar coating.” In life, sometimes truth hurts, but when you hear it from the coach that really cares, its less painful and more of a learning lesson. My decision to play for Coach William Burr was possibly the best one I have ever made. After leaving the gym on that first day of practice, I knew that the program was one that would help me not only grow as a player, but also as a person. For that, I will always be grateful."
-Nicole McAmis 

"Coach Will coached me from the summer before I entered my freshman year until I graduated four years later. Never before have I worked so hard at something but never before have I had a coach invest in me like he did. I learned not only skills to better my game and invaluable aspects of teamwork but also the self-confidence I never knew a sport could give me. Playing for him, I had to work at just about every position on the court—my shooting, my dribbling, my speed, my endurance—making me a much more versatile player and our team much more well-rounded. The lessons I learned on the court have translated to life in college years later—family, perseverance, integrity, trust, and simply putting in the work. Basketball never came easy to me, but I always trusted Coach because I respect him and he has always known what he’s doing. It was because of him that I spent hours a week in my driveway shooting hoops and waking up early to run during the summer so that when conditioning rolled around, I’d be half as ready as I wished I were. I have never pushed and been pushed so hard physically, mentally, and emotionally, but in retrospect, I owe it all to his coaching."
-Catherine Gebhardt 

"I had Coach Will for all four years of high school and he is honestly one of the best coaches I have ever played for. He not only cares for you as a basketball player, but also as a person and his teachings go far beyond the court into everyday life. His expectations are high for each player and he will make you give everything you’ve got while playing for him, but I pulled through and achieved my dream of playing college basketball. Coach Will knows what he’s doing when he teaches basketball and I give him and Triple Threat Hoops my highest recommendation."
-Annie Chen

“My coach always says “It’s not about basketball… it’s about life.” He had us keep individual journals with inspirational quotes and personal goals that motivate us to, not only be better players, but also better students and citizens as well.  Sports gave me the confidence to succeed, but always challenged me to perform better.  Playing a team sport, I saw what can happen with group effort and support. Our team shirt acronym was T.R.U.S.T. – teammates reaching ultimate success together. My most impactful sports moment came when I least expected it: the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.  Our basketball team and their families collected over 300 used basketball uniforms, shoes and balls for Hoops for Haiti – a mission group sponsoring annual youth basketball leagues in Haiti.  Over the course of two seasons, I was able to watch a sport I love transcend someone else’s life.  It was then when I truly learned “It’s not about basketball…it’s about life. With the life lessons I learned from basketball, I know there’s no way I can lose.”    
-Jada Webster

"In High school, I was extremely focused on several extracurricular and academic endeavors. Coach Will always supported those goals, even though they did not include college basketball. For me personally, basketball meant so much more than playing time. Coach teaches everything with passion and intensity. He was always ready to challenge our limits and excuses were not an option. As much as Coach wanted to see us succeed in the game, he valued other principals much more. What he really wanted was us to excel in school, support our teammates, and respect ourselves. All my best memories from high school came from basketball. However, I do not remember the scores or the plays. I remember how determined coach was to ensure that our team, even if we lost, earned respect. I fostered and cultivated my most cherished friendships. In the end, we all became family and that is what basketball represents for me.”
-Lauren Yap

 “When I first met Coach Will, I could immediately see that he was the real deal. Although he was tough on the court, it was evident that he was extremely knowledgeable about basketball.  In the three years I spent playing for Will, I learned so much about the game, but I learned even more about life and the challenges it presents on a daily basis.Not only did he help me grow as a basketball player, butmore importantly, as a person and for that I will always be grateful.  Anytime I had a question or issue, whether it was personal or about the game, he was always there to answer it and talk me through it.  Although I no longer play for Coach Will, my relationship with him has continued onafter high school.  I still talk to him often and visit him as much as possible.  He will forever be a special person in my life and I could never thank him enough for everything he has taught me.”  
-Vika Preddy

“I've played for Coach Will for four years and throughout those four years I have experienced so much. I have had many basketball coaches over the years and out of all them, Coach Will has definitely pushed me the hardest. Throughout the hard conditioning and practices, there were many times when I didn't think I could run another sprint, do another push up, or scrimmage a possession more. When I thought that exhaustion had finally consumed me, Coach Will would continue to push me and motivate me to keep going until I had given it my all. I would have never been able to sprint as fast, shoot as well, hustle as hard, or stay motivated and positive even in the most competitive of games if I didn't have Coach Will constantly motivating me and driving me. Not only does Coach maintain close relationships with all of his players, but he is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever had the privilege of playing for. A play isn't working in games? He'll have a new one for next practice. You're having trouble with your reverse lay up? He'll work with you till you've mastered it. Didn't do so hot last game? He'll study film with you and find a solution. If you are willing to work hard and give basketball your full effort and then some, Coach Will will be able to mold you into a great basketball player who will excel physically and mentally on and off the court.”    
-Sam Wilson 

 “Role model would be the perfect word for me to describe Coach Will. From the moment I met him in 3rd grade until the day I graduated high school, he mentored me on and off the court. Coach Will taught me the value of hard work and persistence. He pushed me until I surpassed any limits I had set for myself. Challenged me in every which way possible both physically and mentally. I learned that passion and talent are a solid foundation but only dedication and the will to never give up will win games. He is probably one of the most honest people I know. Critical of my game whether it be good or bad, but always believing in me. Ask any girl who has ever played for him, they will tell you Coach Will was more than a coach, he was a brother; family. He taught me to love my teammates as if they were family. We protected each other, fought for each other, and supported each other no matter what. Coach was the person I came to for advice, whether it were about school and basketball or friends and family. I could depend on him always. Till this day I keep in touch with not only my teammates who grew to be my best friends, my sisters, but I make sure to keep in touch with the man who really shaped my character and inspires me to push myself and surpass any limits or obstacle that lay ahead of me. I can not begin to explain the amount of respect I have for Coach Will for not only making me a great basketball player that dominated the court whenever I stepped onto it but also a better person. He will forever be my role model.”
-Bahar Rohani

“My whole life basketball had been the center of everything for me; and my dream, like so many other kids, was to play in college. As a young kid going into high school I was extremely enthused with the idea of playing competitively at a higher level. In my mind this was just one step closer to achieving my dream. Unfortunately, the coaches I had my freshmen year completely skewed my perspective of playing at a competitive level. No longer did I want to play in college, let alone play beyond the two mandatory years required in high school. Going into my Sophomore year the coaching staff was rearranged and William Burr became the girl’s basketball head coach at my high school. His incredible knowledge and passion of the game completely rejuvenated my love for basketball. Playing under Will at Westlake High School and for his Triple Threat team, I learned so many lessons that I forever will be able to apply on and off the court for the rest of my life. He consistently pushed me to my limit, broke me, and built me back up stronger every time. His style of coaching intertwined with his vast wisdom made me not just a better basketball player, but a better human being. When it came time to find a school for me to play at, Will spent much time talking to college coaches on my behalf. His recommendation and invite of my current coach to a Triple Threat practice is one of the reasons I was able to get a spot on the team. Will cares deeply about the success of his players and because of his active influence in my life I was able to go on to achieve my goal and play college basketball at UC Santa Cruz. Without his constant support, encouragement, and guidance I would have never reached my goal and would not be the person I am today. I am so very grateful to have had him as a coach and to have been blessed with the opportunity to play for him at Triple Threat Hoops.”
-Melody Barooni

"The development and progress that my daughter Nicole has made and the challenge of performing to the best of her abilities in a basketball game is the best reward a parent can receive.  Thanks to Coach Will she was able to be herself and gain back skills and self-confidence on the court. Day by day, the consistency, dedication, repetition, and individual attention in dribbling, shooting, court awareness, defense, and game knowledge helped transcribe those basketball communication skills that mean so much to a player. Repetition and constant drills helped her grow as a player.  Nicole was able to have the opportunity to form long lasting relationships through a shared passion of basketball and display her joy, excitement, and energy for the game. I have never seen a Coach who is able to bring the best out of each and every player. Coach Will was not just a “coach,” but a friend and a positive role model, opening up his heart on and off the basketball court. The lessons learned on the court apply to her daily life: “Never give up” and “Don’t be afraid to be great.”
-The McAmis Family

We have known Coach Will for the last five years. He was the first person we met in our new high school as we travelled across the country to make a new home. He welcomed our family and immediately made us feel a part of the new community. Coach facilitated our daughters’ transformation from tall girls who happened to join the basketball team because it was a fun way to meet people into accomplished players. He discovered and developed great athletic skills in our two daughters. More importantly, he helped them become leaders by encouraging the right amount of drive, determination and empathy for fellow players. And he helped them become better teammates by teaching them the importance of having each others’ backs and taking time to bond off the court. These are skills that will follow them the rest of their lives. We are so grateful to have had Coach Will Burr’s influence on our daughters and we know they be better people for knowing him.
-Libby and Arthur Jacobson

We have only know Coach Burr for two years, but in that short time my daughter's improvement is very noticeable. Her confidence and basketball IQ has grown. Coach Burr makes his players work hard and if the player is willing to work hard , they will reap the rewards for their commitment. My daughter has had a few different coaches, but she told me that Coach Burr is her favorite! So if your athlete is not afraid of hard work and discipline, Coach Burr will help them fulfill their potential!

-Rick Martin