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 We invite you to join our Triple Threat Family!

Triple Threat Hoops is a year round program that aims to improve your child's understanding of the game.

Our goal is to build in every player, from beginner to high school, a strong foundation of basketball skills, including FootworkBall HandlingPassingReboundingShooting and Defense.  

  • Our "2nd 3rd grade intro level team" players are introduced to basketball through drills in an exciting and action packed environment. These practices provide fitness training and aim at teaching fundamental skills. Through these practices and drills, players develop​ early ​ Self-Confidence  and begin to learn the basic fundamentals of the game, while also learning about sportsmanship and teamwork.


  • ​​Our "4th - 8th grade travel teams" continue to focus on the fundamental skills and the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.  In our effort to continue to build self-confidence and to promote each player's Growth  and  Development, once a month we take the teams to a local tournament where they are able to demonstrate what they have learned in practice and apply their basketball skills in a competitive game setting. 

  • Our "9th 12th grade travel team" goal is to prepare each player for her upcoming high school season by maintaining focus on fundamental skills. Triple Threat Hoops continues to stress self-confidence and the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.  As the players build upon their basketball skills, they understand the value of  Hard Work  and the meaning of  Commitment.  In addition, for those Student-Athletes who want to pursue basketball at the next level, we provide opportunities to play in college viewing tournaments.

1 or 2 days a week (days to be determined) 


Oak Park 

Oak Park High School


Coach Will (818) 585-6087