Triple Threat Hoops elite basketball program     

 The Mission of Triple Threat Hoops is to instill in young women, self confidence and self respect,
 by teaching the importance of Desire, the principles of Dedication, and the values

of Discipline as it relates to life and basketball through the sense of an extended family.

Founded by William Burr in 1999, Triple Threat Hoops has been developing many basketball leagues
and numerous travel teams for grades 3-12. After a successful High School, College, and Semi-Pro Career,

Coach Will launched Triple Threat Hoops to combine his love  and passion for the game of basketball along

with his strong desire to teach and develop kids.

Burr envisioned a basketball environment where every child could grow, not only as a player, but equally important as a young adult. Taking time not only focusing on the players skill  but also developing them as individuals. Coach Will  accomplishes this through his outstanding step by step skills mastery program,

preparing players for all aspects of the game, and his focus on training of self responsibility & accountability. Burr's enthusiasm to instill DESIRE, DEDICATION, and DISCIPLINE in his young players has
led to several players being recruited to play at the college level.

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The most important goal of Triple Threat Hoops is to build positive individuals, leaders, and
contributors to the society. This is accomplished by teaching youth the importance of desire, the
principles of dedication, and the values of discipline, as they relate to life and sports.

Our staff is committed to educating and empowering today's youth through sports by developing 

self-confidence, instilling the importance of commitment, and teaching them integrity so they can live
productive today and more importantly, have a successful tomorrow. We aim to provide an environment

that will empower our players to be successful on the court and beyond, which will help them thrive
make a meaningful difference in their community.

In addition to our Travel Teams, we have year round Clinics, as well as offer Private One-on-One sessions.

 We invite you to join our Triple Threat Family. 

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